How-To: Viewing balance and accessing personal account page

As long as we offer you a number of paid services you may be interested in your current balance, viewing call history or buying more credits. All these operations are available through your Personal Account Page, which you can access from your PC browser (Internet Explorer or alike). Some contemporary mobile handsets have all required capabilities to access the page using built-in web browser too, though you have to experiment with that.

To access your balance information, go to Menu->Tools->Balance.

Wait until your balance information will be retrieved from the server and will be displayed in a dialog like on the picture.

To access your Personal Account Page you should open a web browser on your PC pointing it to
Please, remember the authorization key, you will be asked for it later.
This key has 5 minutes expiration time, but you can always get a new key by repeating the above.
You may also try to press Buy credits softkey to access your Personal Account Page right from your mobile browser.

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