How-To: Making voice calls

Voice calls are paid service offered to all Talkonaut users by GTalk2VoIP gateway. Before you start calling, make sure you have enough credits on your balance. You may check calling and SMS rates here. It is also can be helpful to read on how to check your balance and buy credits.

You may call any contact in your roster which is marked with one of the following icons: , , , , or . If there's no icon on a contact, there no way to initiate a voice call to it.

To make a voice call you should:

Browse your roster to find a buddy or a contact you want to initiate call to.
Press Call softkey on the contact or choose Menu->Actions->Call to initiate a voice call.

If caling is possible, you will be prompted to choose a VoIP carrier to deliver your call through. Usually you can use the default routing scheme, so you press Call. If you want to select VoIP providers from a list of available, press Carriers.

Now you wait for incoming call to your mobile handset, which you should accept.
After you accept the incoming call, you will hear a ringing tone indicating a call that been setup to your contact.

When your buddy pickups your call, the following dialog will be displayed.
Now, you may talk.

When your call ends (either by you or by your buddy), you will be shown a dialog containing some call information, like duration and the cost. As you can see, the call in the axample was free since the call cost is zero.

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