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Talkonaut 2.0.0 released

26th of Feb 2007.

We are proud to announce a new release of our Talkonaut application for mobiles. Since the last release, a lot of new features have been added and many bugs fixed. Significant improvements have been made to memory utilisation algorithm, which made the app even faster and less demanding to resources. User interfaces was also improved and made more cute and functional.

  • New features:

    Menu improvements: better looking graphics, menu items organized in groups, menu structure has been re-thought.

    Accessing menu items by digits.

    Contact search added: pressing any ditital key invokes a search box where you can type in a part of username you are looking for.

    IM chat to MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and AIM added: you can register your existing MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/AIM account, get all the contacts into Talkonaut and chat to them.

    Calls to Yahoo contacts added.

    Calls to Gizmo Project contacts added.

    "Call cost" menu item added, allows to get rates for calling a contact.

    "Minimize" feature added.

    HTTP Binding support added: allows users who have WAP only service (or other ports except 80 and 8080 blocked on GPRS) to connect to Talkonaut or Google Talk servers.

    "Google for Your Domain" support added.

    "Google Captcha" authentication mechanism added.

    Non-SASL (XEP-0078) authentication mechanism added.

  • Bugs fixed:

    Long roster (300 contacts or more) problem fixed.

    Ocational refuses to connect to Google Talk servers fixed.

    Frequent reconnections on poor GPRS link fixed.

    Memory leaks caused disconnections and freezes fixed.

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